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KT3203 Analog Multimeter

KT3201 KT3202 KT3203 KT3204 4 high precision multimeter is specially designed for European students.
It has AC/DC voltage, DC current, Resistance, capacitance, continuity and diode measurement.
In compliant with safety standard CAT III 600V, fuse is  6x31mm 600V.
KT3202 is specially designed as AC/DC voltmeter.
KT3203 is specially designed AC/DC ammeter.
KT3204 is a specially designed small DC current voltage meter, the maximum voltage is 100mV and the current maximum is 50uA; the pointer "0" is in the middle value, and the voltage and current negative and positive is on each side.
This set of 4 models conforms to the CAT III 600V standard and has certain practical significance for the understanding of ohm's law of the student on electrician lesson.

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● Fuse: 500mA /500V φ6.3x32mm
    10A/500V   φ6.3x32mm
● 8 ranges in 2 functions
● AC/DC current measurement up to 10A
● Accessories included: elastomer boot, test leads, English manual, gift box