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KT7244 /KT7244L Analog Multimeter

Backlight for analog multimeter Exclusive design!
Especially effective for reading in dark environment, the backlight can also be used as temporary illumination source.
Euramerican design with safety category rating CAT III 600V

IntroductionParametersUse InstructionAttention

● 20 ranges in 6 functions
● Overload protection
● AC/DC voltage measurement up to 500V
● DC current measurement up to 10A
● Resistance measurement up to 20MΩ
● Audible continuity & diode tests
● LED test
● Input impedence: 20KΩ/ VDC,9KΩ/ VAC
● Accessories included: 1.5V & 9V battery, elastomer boot, test leads, English manual, gift box